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Categories for the Practising Physicist

These days I’m reading and trying to understand “Categories for the practising physicist” by Bob Coecke and Eric Oliver Paquette, the chapter from the book “New Structures for Physics”. Another its chapter — “Physics, Topology, Logic and Computation: A Rosetta … Continue reading

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The GaussQuadIntegration Package

Since I wrote the post about Gaussian quadrature rules I’ve been using this integration procedure quite a lot. At last I’ve decided to make a Haskell package providing a non-adaptive Gaussian quadrature for numeric integration. I did it primary just … Continue reading

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Haskell Repa Package. Some Traverse Examples

This post provides some simple examples of the traverse function from the repa package. I found this function to look quite tricky and even frightening for a newbie so I share my experience with it. The repa package itself is … Continue reading

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Haskell Syntax Highlighting and WordPress.com

While preparing my first post here I found that there was no default syntax highlighting for Haskell. Among several solutions suggested me by the web I’ve eventually chosen GNU Source-highlight coupled with sed. Here is an example of what you … Continue reading

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1D Gaussian Quadrature Rules (64 and 128, 256 and 512)

Update 1 I was pointed out that there is publicly available data for Gaussian quadrature rules up to 1024 points (and 25 significant digits). Moreover the link to the post with the data is present even in Wikipedia article I’ve … Continue reading

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