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ASCII-art Math

Many of computer algebra systems date back to the times when GUI machines were rare and expensive, if were present at all. Thus command line was a standard interface. Unfortunately text terminal doesn’t fit very well for displaying mathematical expressions … Continue reading

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Categories for the Practising Physicist

These days I’m reading and trying to understand “Categories for the practising physicist” by Bob Coecke and Eric Oliver Paquette, the chapter from the book “New Structures for Physics”. Another its chapter — “Physics, Topology, Logic and Computation: A Rosetta … Continue reading

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Number of Inversions: Image vs. Text

This post is quick. I’m going to draw your attention to a neat technique used to calculate a number of inversions of a given permutation. It’s a really pity I wasn’t told it when they first tried to teach me … Continue reading

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Probably the best source of information about symbolic computations

Yesterday I came across the sci.math.symbolic Usenet group and it seems to provide almost every bit of information about symbolic computations and computer algebra systems. This newsgroup dates back to 1986 so search it to find answers. With this newsgroup … Continue reading

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1D Gaussian Quadrature Rules (64 and 128, 256 and 512)

Update 1 I was pointed out that there is publicly available data for Gaussian quadrature rules up to 1024 points (and 25 significant digits). Moreover the link to the post with the data is present even in Wikipedia article I’ve … Continue reading

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