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Rubber and Rubber Balloons: Paradigms of Thermodynamics

I have just finished reading a book “Rubber and Rubber Balloons: Paradigms of Thermodynamics” by Ingo Müller and Peter Strehlow. It is a nice easy-going undergrad reading exploring rubber and its properties from a thermodynamic point of view. The authors … Continue reading

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ASCII-art Math

Many of computer algebra systems date back to the times when GUI machines were rare and expensive, if were present at all. Thus command line was a standard interface. Unfortunately text terminal doesn’t fit very well for displaying mathematical expressions … Continue reading

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I have nothing to write :-) But I will write! Today I’d like to advertise SklogWiki. It presents itself as follows: SklogWiki is an open-edit encyclopedia dedicated to thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, especially that of simple liquids, complex fluids, and … Continue reading

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Why Does a Tiger Have Stripes and a Lion Doesn’t?

I’ve encountered a pretty nice insult on reductionism in the “Categories for the Practising Physicist”. I’ll just cite the whole Example 17 from it: Why does a tiger have stripes and a lion doesn’t? One might expect that the explanation … Continue reading

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Categories for the Practising Physicist

These days I’m reading and trying to understand “Categories for the practising physicist” by Bob Coecke and Eric Oliver Paquette, the chapter from the book “New Structures for Physics”. Another its chapter — “Physics, Topology, Logic and Computation: A Rosetta … Continue reading

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Number of Inversions: Image vs. Text

This post is quick. I’m going to draw your attention to a neat technique used to calculate a number of inversions of a given permutation. It’s a really pity I wasn’t told it when they first tried to teach me … Continue reading

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The GaussQuadIntegration Package

Since I wrote the post about Gaussian quadrature rules I’ve been using this integration procedure quite a lot. At last I’ve decided to make a Haskell package providing a non-adaptive Gaussian quadrature for numeric integration. I did it primary just … Continue reading

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