As you may have already noticed English is not my native language. My only hope is that most of the readers are not native speakers either and will not be disappointed with my treatment of the language.

If you find any grammar (or spelling) errors, please let me know.

I’ve just discovered that WordPress’s spam filter can catch valid comments. Please let me know if your comment did not appear — send me an e-mail.


3 Responses to About

  1. GaryP says:

    I just spent 3 hours bumbling about the internet trying to find a gnuplot animation demo that actually worked on my OS X with Aquaterm. The official demos and others always seemed to require a data file that was inexplicably not included and apparently unavailable for download. I was beginning to think my system was incomplete. Then I found Yrogirg’s pendulum demo, which reduced the problem to its essentials and I discovered that my system does work. I don’t care if you speak Klingon, you may treat the language any way you like. Thank you!

  2. Hassan says:

    Dear guy,

    I’m a newbie in AXIOM, and I’m using FriCas on my system.
    I have a question and I would be glad if you can tell me how:

    How can define a new function called mp which get x as input and put x^2 as output,
    in a file named test.spad, and how can compile this file and call the function (i.e mp(2))
    in FriCas interpreter environment, with some command like )compile.

    • Yrogirg says:

      It’s a mere chance I saw your comment — it was put into spam for some weird reason. Hope my respond won’t be too late.
      The file Test.spad:

      )abbrev package MP MyPackage
      MyPackage(SG : SemiGroup) : with
          mp : SG -> SG
       == add
          mp x == x^2

      and in the interpreter:

      (1) -> )compile Test
      ... some clutter here
      (1) -> mp 3
         (1)  9
                              Type: PositiveInteger

      As you see I’ve made your function to work on any semigroups (since (^) is defined for them). If you want you can make mp to be just of type Integer -> Integer, just change to:

      MyPackage() : with
          mp : Integer -> Integer

      And I recommend you using mailing lists for getting help — Axiom’s or FriCAS’s, they both share the same people I guess. These are really friendly places and there are truelly experts in Axiom. FriCAS mailing list.

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