I have nothing to write :-) But I will write! Today I’d like to advertise SklogWiki. It presents itself as follows:

SklogWiki is an open-edit encyclopedia dedicated to thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, especially that of simple liquids, complex fluids, and soft condensed matter.

Sounds promising! At least for me, I’m a fan of these areas and thus I couldn’t pass this wiki up several years ago. Since then I’ve been using it quite often and learned about several things from it, including for example non-extensive thermodynamics. Another curious thing, that would be interesting for any physicist is concealed in SklogWiki’s logo:

What does this \Theta \Delta^{\mathrm{cs}} mean? It is the short-hand used by James Clerk Maxwell for the word thermodynamics. Pretty neat, isn’t it? You can read a bit more about SklogWiki’s logo in the about section.

So, if you are interested in thermodynamics or statistical physics (mostly classical) then I suggest you to roam about this wiki. If you are capable of contributing to it, then be bold!

Oh, I can’t help posting links to SklogWiki’s pages: phase diagram in ρ-T plane. Most people are familiar only with p-T phase diagrams, but studying ρ-T version can enhance your understanding of the phase transitions/coexistence.

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