Something Worth Reading

UPD I think John Carlos Baez is awesome, shame on me I’ve never heard about him before.

Usually I find it quite pointless to publish a post containing just a link. But not this time. The link I’m presenting (ta-ta!) is . I was combing google blog search for GENERIC formalism when I came across the aforementioned blog.

To make things clear the physics of complex systems is the only thing I care about. All that stuff about Haskell, symbolic computations or math in general is nothing more but my way and tools to the theory that would describe the world around me. Indeed geophysics textbook is one of my favorite books. And of course I’m concerned with what is happening to my world, my planet.

That’s why John Baez‘s blog caught my attention. The author is a rather famous physicist who has a relevant knowledge in the field of complex systems and who may share the views on the environment similar to mine [1]. Thus I’m going to spend quite a time reading his blog and works.

[1] There is even a good documentary film by Ed Watkins “Into The Cool” (password: Montana). Amazingly as far as I understand this documentary was part of Ed Watkins’ MFA. If you want to introduce your friends who are not very good at physics to the thermodynamical view on our environment, just show them the film.

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