Probably the best source of information about symbolic computations

Yesterday I came across the sci.math.symbolic Usenet group and it seems to provide almost every bit of information about symbolic computations and computer algebra systems. This newsgroup dates back to 1986 so search it to find answers.

With this newsgroup I learned about lots of interesting stuff I wasn’t even aware of. Among it are Rubi (Rule-Based Integrator) and a poor’s man integrator. I really like the picture on the latter site. I’ve also found some good references to articles and books, for example a good introduction to expression simplification.

Google Groups’ web interface to Usenet doesn’t filter spam. To cope with this difficulty I use Pan newsreader. As a server I use Here is how Pan looks:

Pan newsreader

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a server which would provide 20 years archive of the newsgroup, 5 years at most. Besides Google Groups sci. math.symbolic can also be read at

To sum up if you want to write your own CAS sci.math.symbolic is the point to start.

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