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Something Worth Reading

UPD I think John Carlos Baez is awesome, shame on me I’ve never heard about him before. Usually I find it quite pointless to publish a post containing just a link. But not this time. The link I’m presenting (ta-ta!) … Continue reading

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Probably the best source of information about symbolic computations

Yesterday I came across the sci.math.symbolic Usenet group and it seems to provide almost every bit of information about symbolic computations and computer algebra systems. This newsgroup dates back to 1986 so search it to find answers. With this newsgroup … Continue reading

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Haskell Repa Package. Some Traverse Examples

This post provides some simple examples of the traverse function from the repa package. I found this function to look quite tricky and even frightening for a newbie so I share my experience with it. The repa package itself is … Continue reading

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